A must-read from David Remnick starts with Suetonius and gets even better

A must-read from David Remnick starts with Suetonius and gets even better. "What made the Emperor Nero tick, Suetonius writes in “Lives of the Caesars,” was “a longing for immortality and undying fame, though it was ill-regulated.” Many Romans were convinced that Nero was mentally unbalanced and that he had burned much of the imperial capital to the ground just to make room for the construction of the Domus Aurea, a gold-leaf-and-marble palace that stretched from the Palatine to the Esquiline Hill. At enormous venues around the city, he is said to have sung, danced, and played the water organ for many hours—but not before ordering the gates locked to insure that the house would remain full until after the final encore. Driven half mad by Nero’s antics, Romans feigned death or shimmied over the walls with ropes to escape. Chaotic, corrupt, incurious, infantile, grandiose, and obsessed with gaudy real estate, Donald Trump is of a Neronic temperament. He has always craved attention. Now the whole world is his audience. In earlier times, Trump cultivated, among others, the proprietors and editors of the New York tabloids, Fox News, TMZ, and the National Enquirer. Now Twitter is his principal outlet, with no mediation necessary."
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You know how ads follow you now because of cookies or internet magic? There were a pair of white booties that I had my eye on but they were pricey…

You know how ads follow you now because of cookies or internet magic? There were a pair of white booties that I had my eye on but they were pricey and a tad unusual so I didn’t make the purchase. They went on sale (half off) but I didn’t realize it until the items were sold out. Still, the stupid image of those shoes keep following me around like photos of a bad ex, mocking me.
Thanks for nothing, shoes.

I had a long drive for work today and listened to the Five Women episode on This American Life

I had a long drive for work today and listened to the Five Women episode on This American Life. It’s loosely based off of this article about the sexual harasser Don Hazen, a media executive at AlterNet.
It was hard to listen to because you see yourself in these women who have excused, laughed off sexual harassment as normal or have patted yourself on the back for surviving it where others were weak or judged others for using systemic harassment to get (marginally ahead). I found myself asking these women why they did what they did or judging their actions when their own judgments of other women was harmful in the first place. (I.e., my actions were harming them as they were harming others). And, ultimately, how women have to navigate this when men don’t and that’s the real unfairness of it.

❤️The secret sister is back!

❤️The secret sister is back! ❤️ I am looking for about 6 (or more!!!) ladies who would be interested in a holiday gift exchange. Don’t care where you live, you are welcome to join. You only have to buy 1 gift at $10 or more and send to your secret sister. (Hello, Amazon!) You will then receive anywhere from 6 to 36 gifts in return. My friend said this was SO much fun when she did it a couple of years ago! She loved being able to send a gift to a complete stranger, knowing that she would have a bright spot in her day because of what she sent!❤️ Getting gifts was fun & it was awesome to see what everyone was receiving!❤️Let me know if you are interested and I will send you info on your sister. We could ALL use some happy mail!!❤️ Who’s in????
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 The Dao people in many areas celebrate the New Year from December, dancing all night to express their gratitude to their ancestors and wish for a good harvest.
"Dau Nhao Dao" is a ritual offering of the Vuong of the Dao ethnic group in many regions of the country such as Phu Tho, Hoa Binh, Lao Cai, Thanh Hoa or Ba Vi (Ha Noi). According to legend, during the migration to the sea in Vietnam find the way of life of the 12 Dao families, after months of floating on the sea but not to the shore, suddenly the boat in the storm, life threatening.
In the endangered, Dao families prayed to Ban Wang and his ancestors to help overcome the tribulation, to land safely promised to give thanksgiving. Inspiration, from then on, the Dao family, including the Red Dao, Dao money or Dao diarrhea dance to celebrate Tet to thank the ancestors.


Tet Nhay is an important festival of the Dao in Ta Van
Tet Nhay is an important festival of the Dao in Ta Van
Unlike the Lunar New Year, depending on the economic conditions of each family that each new Dao Dao dance. It takes a few years to organize once, but not for more than 12 years, because it is a blessing for ancestors, heaven and earth. Time is held at different places, when the full moon or 25 December, just before Lunar New Year one day.
The jumper is only made in the "House" (the eldest son, chief of the family) and is the work of each family, but the whole hand contribute from cooking to ceremonial ceremonies, should be considered as the whole Lunar New Year . Dao people do not eat food in Tet festival. The offerings are simply meat and wine for the ancestors and then brought to the relatives.
No cup of wine, not to leave the flute festival, Tet holiday quickly end to make room for the most important and unique part of the New Year is dancing grace. When the drum sound, the trumpet, the brass bell rang at the footsteps of the Daoist men jumping drunkenly to the music sapavietnamtrekking.com/. The first is the dance to take the road, bridging to welcome the spirit, ancestors for Tet. Greeting parents, ancestors dance one leg, head bowed, index finger raised. The invitation to the barefooted ceiling is simulated by the flight of storks, the two arms are fluttering and fluttering.
In the beginning, the dance was performed by the dancers and about 10 young men performed to invite the gods to attend the ceremony. Next to the knife dance is also known as "dance to the Prime Minister" with the dance moves, spin, swing, tossing people very fast, strong, decisive, glide in the drum, bar, .
Many traditional dances are based on the concept of each region such as swing dancing, chess, sword dance, bell dance, dancing, martial arts. Turtles are one of the two animal species worshiped by the Dao and abstain from eating meat, so the dance catches turtles although the rhythm and lyrics vary somewhat between regions but still carry a lot of meaning for Dao people. .
In front of the lamp of worshiping the King, the dancers go before, followed by a group of young people with a few dozen people dressed neatly and next to each other around the lamp offerings, expressing the movements of finding turtles, catching turtles, tying turtles carrying home to worship the Pan and the gods of divine ancestors.

Vietnam Folk Musics

 Singing from the ancient folk religion, when people believe in the presence of the gods, the goddess to the Goddess of God – the founder of heaven and earth. They divide the world into three worlds: Heaven, Hell and Water. Each gender has its own god. The duty of these gods is to protect humans against all the harassment of demons.
The constant contact between the "naked" and the gods must be through intermediaries such as the Taoist, the witch, the co-consorts. From these intermediate characters "lay" the "peacock pupils," the shrines. There is a place where the ball is a bunch of people, where there is only one person and from there formed a kind of complex but rich but the music plays an important role. That is Chau van singing. There is a region called Hanh (Central), singing (Southern). Chau van literature is very focused on the text. Cung văn is a good musician and a professional teacher of many tunes and articles. Fathers for the archives where there are more people to shout, drum …
From the Le, Ly and Tran dynasties, and the 20s and 40s of the past century, the prosperous period of Chau Van singing – because it was the "Dong, Dinh, Expensive,". Comes with singing Chau Van to mention the sacred dance with "towels, dress" by each character. The person who plays the role of the gods with full personality, especially when the sublimation of excitement. They sang in their hearts and put forth the dance moves – with the stylized movements: sword dance, cone dance, towel dance, rowing dance … in the songs "Quan Giang", "Mr. Huang Muoi" , "Miss Bo" …


Chau Van - a form of Taoist religious belief
Chau Van – a form of Taoist religious belief
The words of Chau van singing are mostly praised by the gods, princes, princesses in the form of poetry (6/8) or green bowl (7-7 / 6-8), or poetry 7 words, 4 words. While singing, there are additional buffs such as "i", "a", or backing vocals. Any officer, any prince, any girl, any one have their own article. People in the world can not hear the place.
In the North Chau has many songs such as: vertical, chess, amateurs, rhythm 1, rowing … In the Central there are such as Dang, Tai, Tau, fall, glitter … Singing in the South also brings the characteristics and rules of Vietnam Folk Musics style in the North and Central, some of which are influenced by Boi singing with the Dao, slightly South …
During the reform of the development of Hanoi in the early years of the twentieth century, Chau Van also earns the "xang xu" and some other tunes at the time. Apart from singing, the Nguyet plays a leading role, where there are also Storks (Nhi) and Percussion to express the crowd, playful, low, drill …
Eliminating bad habits "on copper", taking advantage of it to fascinate people, we "outgrow the" of this traditional music to serve the masses of popular favorites when a good content Strongly meet the new requirements and emotions of the times. That in the past few years in the provinces in the north as well as in the southern provinces after the liberation has also renovated to promote the effectiveness of this category – with both singing and dancing – in the entertainment activities pants they, as well as in professional stage shows.
In the 60s of the last century, many art troupes have choreographed many choreography. Quite a lot of choir singing style has a new style, has a smooth attractive song has captured the sympathy of audiences as well as listeners such as Kim Lien, The Tuyen, Bach Phuong, Thanh Hoai, Minh Phuc, Thai Hung, Hoang Thanh, Trung Sinh … many of whom have been recognized by the State and honored with the titles of outstanding people artists and artists.
People’s Committee of Kim Lien in the Nam Dinh rowing party, after the occasion to perform in Paris (France) as well as some other countries said: International friends also very much like the chorus of Vietnam, especially the people. Viet Kieu is far from home when listening to singing as reminiscent of memories in the homeland of the country and very happy to enjoy the traditional food of the nation.
From the only serving in the temples with objects "up copper", today the tone singing Chau Van has been exploited to promote in new life. Besides keeping the old words, there are new lyrics that serve the people of all strata, contributing to the "source" in the whole traditional music of Vietnam rich diversity. Mother worship (including Chau Van singing) has been internationally recognized as the heritage of the world – the pride of our people.

Rebecca Bogart, 17, a senior, said her teacher was finishing up a discussion of the Holocaust when she heard a series of loud bangs

Rebecca Bogart, 17, a senior, said her teacher was finishing up a discussion of the Holocaust when she heard a series of loud bangs.
“We all got on the floor and under the desk,” said Ms. Bogart, who was still shaking outside the school. “It felt like we were there 10 or 15 minutes and then shots came through the window and the glass shattered.”
She couldn’t see her classmates fall, but she could see at least five were bleeding, one in the head and one in the leg. “I was trying to keep calm and my friend was holding my hand to keep it from shaking,” she said.
When the authorities arrived, they took out her wounded classmates first. “There was blood all over the floor,” she said, “You never think something like this is going to happen to you and then it does.”

An INCREDIBLE article written by master composer Austin Wintory about THE Master Composer of our time

An INCREDIBLE article written by master composer Austin Wintory about THE Master Composer of our time.
“The fact that John Williams has inspired so many legions of people to engage with their creativity is, to my mind, his true contribution. It goes beyond what he did. It’s akin to when an inventor doesn’t just build a better mousetrap, but ends up spawning an entire industry. Williams has caused people to engage with their inner selves; to share their talents with the world in ways that, had his work not existed, they may not have. That is legacy that few humans have ever achieved. It’s his true gift to us all.”